Income insurance protects your income if you unexpectedly can’t work due to injury or illness.

It’s an easy way to help protect your financial future, and ensure your lifestyle and family are protected in any event.

Can a Chemist (Shop) get income protection insurance?

Chemists, working within shops and retail stores come in contact with infection and illness regularly. Chemists also handle a large number of pharmaceuticals which may have negative health impacts. In certain cases, chemists could be held liable for prescribing the wrong medication or dosage and face lawsuits. To account for these risks, chemists (shop) qualify for second-class income protection. 

Status: mild risk- insurable

Can a Pharmacist get income protection insurance?

Pharmacists are responsible for supplying medicines and providing information about such. Pharmacists can be held liable for malpractice lawsuits if wrong medications or incorrect dosage instructions are dispensed to a client. A Pharmacist can avail of first-class income protection. 

Status: low risk- insurable

Can a Pharmacy Assistant get income protection insurance?

A pharmacy assistant works under the direction of a pharmacist, typically overseeing administrative duties. Injuries can occur at the workplace involving slips, trips and falls or accidents involving sharps such as needles or controlled medicines. A Pharmacy Assistant qualifies for second-class income protection.

Status: mild risk- insurable

Eligible For Income Protection Insurance?

Some jobs qualify, others don’t. Find out if your job can be insured and get a free quote.