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income protection for Science & Tech

Can an Astrophysicist get income protection insurance?

Astrophysicists are hugely important to science and technological development. Astrophysicists research and publish data concerning the universe and solar system. Much of this work is sedentary and takes place within a laboratory or study. Astrophysicists do not face many hazards on the day-to-day job. Astrophysicists can avail themselves of first-class income insurance. 

Status: low risk- insurable 

Can a Biochemist get income protection insurance?

Biochemists qualify for second-class income insurance. Biochemists face hazards working within a laboratory and working with dangerous chemicals. Misuse of chemicals can also lead to fires, chemical injuries, explosions, or fires. Biochemists are awarded second-class income insurance.

Status: mild risk- insurable

Can a Biologist get income protection insurance?

Biologists generally work within research departments, conducting studies on humans, animals, plants, and bacteria to develop education and health care. Biologists qualify for first-class income protection as their work generally takes place within safe working conditions. 

Status: low risk- insurable

Can a Geologist get income protection insurance?

A geologist is a scientist of the earth’s processes, they spend most of their time either planning research projects, outdoors conducting on-site work, and also inside laboratories testing samples of minerals and soil, etc. Some geologists work inside museums to present fossils and information about the earth. There are some risks associated with geologists, particularly those on outdoor job sites, such as dangerous locations or harsh weather conditions. However, generally, geologists work in safe environments and are therefore awarded second-class income insurance. 

Status: mild risk- insurable

Can a Computer Consultant get income protection insurance?

Computer consultants can avail of first-class income protection. Computer consultants generally work within safe working conditions like an office or agency and do not face many risks to income. A computer consultant is awarded first-class income insurance.

Status: low risk- insurable

Can a Laboratory Technician get income protection insurance?

The duties of a laboratory technician include receiving, preparing, analysing, and recording the results of all laboratory tests. Working in a laboratory presents some risks to the technician. These include toxic chemicals and gases, possibly infectious bodily fluids, and burns or cuts from laboratory equipment. In addition, there may be a risk of claims of malpractice if test results lead to an incorrect diagnosis. Laboratory technicians are entitled to second-class income insurance.

Status: mild risk- insurable

Can a Marine Biologist get income protection insurance?

A marine biologist is a scientist who studies, protects, and manages the ocean and the organisms that live in it. Generally, marine biologists will spend most of their daily life in the laboratory testing samples or on their computer recording and reporting findings. However, marine biologists who undertake fieldwork, scuba diving in the ocean, and on boats bring hazards associated with so. These include harsh weather conditions, underwater injuries and animal attacks. Generally, these risks are rare and marine biologists are awarded second-class income insurance.

Status: mild risk- insurable

Can a Marine Engineer get income protection insurance?

A marine engineer is a specialist in designing, building, and maintaining marine vessels such as ships or oil rigs. Typically, marine engineers oversee the maintenance workers’ manual work but they are still exposed to some hazards associated with the job. These hazards include handling complicated machinery, exposure to adverse weather, and exposure to toxic chemicals or gases. In addition, marine engineers may be held liable for any damage to vessels caused by accidents while at work. A marine engineer is granted second-class income insurance.

Status: mild risk- insurable

Can a Telecommunications Engineer get income protection insurance?

A telecommunications engineer is an electronic expert, they design, install and repair telephone communication systems. Working at extreme heights, live electrical wires and harsh weather conditions are all potential hazards a telecommunications engineer may encounter on a daily basis. A fall from a height or an electric shock can mean a telecommunications engineer may be out of work while recovering or need expensive medical treatment. A telecommunications engineer qualifies for third-class income insurance.

Status: moderate risk- insurable

Can a Tool Engineer get income protection insurance?

A tool engineer uses their specialist science and maths skills to design and develop different tools and mechanical parts. Normally, a tool engineer is employed by various manufacturing or automobile companies. There are many job hazards associated with this occupation. A tool engineer often operates power tools and heavy machinery to develop their mechanical design. This role is susceptible to personal injury and faulty designs for equipment can cause fires, machine malfunctions, and exposure to toxic gases. A tool engineer’s work is considered high risk but can avail of fourth-class income insurance.

Status: high risk- insurable

Can an Underwater Archaeologist get income protection insurance?

An underwater archaeologist, or marine archaeologist, is a scuba diving professional who explores and studies the remains of historical ships or underwater sites. Underwater archaeologists carry inherent hazards associated with scuba diving. While excavating underwater sites underwater archaeologists are exposed to potentially fatal risks such as hypothermia, decompression sickness, nitrogen narcosis, low visibility at historical sites, and injury from underwater animals and fauna. Due to these extensive hazards, underwater archaeologists are declined from attaining income insurance.

Status: declined- uninsurable

Can a Ventilation Engineer get income protection insurance?

A ventilation engineer is an expert in installing, maintaining, and repairing ventilation and heating systems, typically in large buildings like schools or hospitals. Risks of personal injury apply such as falling from a height, cuts from dangerous equipment, and lifting heavy pipes and equipment. In addition, a ventilation engineer may be liable for damage to property while carrying out their work. A ventilation engineer’s role is considered moderately risky and they can avail of third-class income insurance.

Status: moderate risk- insurable

Can a Zookeeper get income protection insurance?

A zookeeper, or animal keeper, is a professional responsible for the care of normally wild animals who have been bred in captivity. Typically, a zookeeper will have qualifications in a relevant field such as zoology or animal conservation. Although bred in captivity, animals in a zoo are wild by nature and inherently unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Zookeepers normally work very safely but any contact with these animals in their enclosures or while assisting a veterinary team comes with a risk of injury. In addition, the risk of exposure to zoonotic disease, harsh sanitising chemicals, and adverse weather conditions are all hazards to a zookeeper. Zookeepers qualify for third-class income insurance.

Status: moderate risk- insurable

Can a Zoologist get income protection insurance?

A zoologist is a scientist who studies wildlife ranging from mammals to insects and their interaction with the ecosystem. Typically, a zoologist’s role comes with minimal risk, spending most of their time researching and writing scientific articles and reports. Risks associated with wildlife apply to zoologists taking part in fieldwork such as harsh weather, trips, and falls, zoonosis, and animal bites. However, generally, zoologists study animals from a safe distance. Therefore, a zoologist qualifies for first-class income insurance. 

Status: low risk- insurable

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